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September 12th, 1 to 5pm

$60 early registration

We turn the elements of a dream into characters,

put them on stage and allow them to reveal

the unconscious of both the dreamer and the participants.


” Such a healing process “

Robin Collins, Boulder, Co.


“Chris is an amazing teacher of ‘Playback’  improvisational theater.   When adding my dreams to this creative expression of my body mind, I felt as if I was giving birth to a new self that had unlimited possibilities.”   Nancy English


” I just spent two days in Christopher Macor’s Playing Back Your Dream workshop. Under his expert leadership, we took turns sculpting our bodies’ movement into images or feelings from a dream while the dreamer watched (sometimes laughing or crying as insights were revealed). We were surprised to find that our dreams had a collective component. We were dreaming a new world into being while learning how to play again in waking life. Profound and fun and scary, all at once—I can’t wait to do it again. “
Patti Gassaway, Boulder, Co.

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