How does Dream Work create the world in which we want to live?

Creating the World
1. First of all, the sharing of dreams is a big step towards a world of responsible humans who know themselves.
2. Every dream whether it’s our own or someone else’s expands our sense of self, widening into a bigger version of our person called the Total Self.
3. If the dreamwork involves the physicalization of a dream, like PLAYING BACK YOUR DREAM, the dreamer’s ability to express the unconscious parts of themselves is enhanced, leading to a richer and more profound experience of life.

Join us on Saturday August 25th 12 noon till 5pm

for a workshop where you will learn the PLAY BACK THEATER

method of improvisational theater

and how to apply it to your dreams


meets once a month to explore our dreams together.

This workshop is a prerequisite

The workshop is held at

4435 Driftwood Pl. Boulder, 80301

Pre regisration $60/ $70 the day of the event


Please share this to anyone you believe may be interested