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Playing Back Your Dream will be one of the presenters at the International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference this year, 2015, in Virginia Beach.

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PLAYING BACK YOUR DREAM: Where Playback Theater meet Projective Dream work.

Using Jeremy Taylor`s projective dream work method, the dreamer and the actors analyze the dream, breaking it down into it`s essential elements. These elements are personified, through movement, sound, characters, expressive cloth and musical instruments. These elements are then allowed to interact on the stage, reaping insight and integration.

Life presents itself in stories. We see this in the stories we make up to give our lives meaning and also in the dreams we dream at night. Playback Theater (PBT) is an Improvisational Theater Method that thrives on the stories of it`s audience. It has become apparent through the teaching and practicing of Playing Back Your Dream (PBYD) that PBT is a perfect medium for exploring the stories presented in dreams. Combined with Projective Dream Work, PBYD is a skillful method for advanced dream work.
In his book “Inner Work”, noted dream authority Robert Johnson suggests that Ritual is the fourth and final step of Dreamwork. He writes: “By the time you reach this fourth step you have made an interpretation. You have done your best to understand the dream with your mind. Now it is time to do something physical. This step is very important because it helps you integrate your dream experience into your conscious, waking life. This step requires a physical act that will affirm the message of the dream.”
PBYD is this physical act. This workshop adapts the basic elements of PBT as developed by Jonathan Fox, in 1971, to the dreams of the participants in this workshop. The enactment of these dreams offers the dreamer, actors and participants an opportunity to engage the body and mind in movement and sound, resulting in an exploration of the deeper meanings of the dream. Jeremy Taylor’s projective dream work provides the framework for all workshop participants to decipher the essential elements of the dream. These essential elements of the dream are then allowed to interact with each other on the stage. PBYD is a fast track to what Jung calls Active Imagination. This method uses the dream as a starting point and jumps off into the reconciliation of the polarities, invoking insight and wisdom from beyond the level of the dream per se. This is an open invitation to what Jung calls the SELF, inviting this transcendental aspect of ourselves to make it`s presence known to the dreamer, the actors, and all the participants.

I. Introduction to Dream Ritual – 5 minutes
II. Warm up exercises : movement and sound – 9 minutes
III. Short Forms ( suitable for use with dream fragments)- 15 minutes
IV. Sharing the Dream ( workshop participants will be asked to share their dream – 5 minutes/per dream x 3 = 15 min or as time permits.
V. Enactment of dreams 10 min x 3 = 30 min
VI . Evaluate the performance ( workshop participants will discuss the process through projective technique, “If this were my dream”) – 3 min x 3 = 9 min
VII. Culmination form (weaving the threads of the different dreams together) 3 min
VIII. Critique of the method and it`s applicability in Dream Analysis. 4 min

In this workshop participants will
1. Evaluate dreams to find the component elements so that these parts of self can then be addressed in a more conscious manner.
2. Explore the interaction of these elements through the lens of improvisational theater.
3. Experience how this interaction takes a dream to new levels of understanding and integration and effectively facilitates the fourth stage of dream work, Dream Ritual.

Christopher Macor, USA, has studied and participated in dream groups for 27 years. Jeremy Taylor’s projective techniques significantly influenced his study. Chris’s 6 years of work and study with Improvisational Theater as well as participating in the Boulder Playback theater provided a foundation in creating Playing Back Your Dream workshops.

Nancy English-nancykenglish33@gmail.com;Rosemary Czubaj-arianaczubaj@gmail.com

Nancy English Ph.D. APRN CHPN CT
Dr. English,USA, university professor and nurse clinician, has focused on caring for patients and families in their journey with a serious illness or death. The study of dreams is a personal as well as of professional interest. Seminars with Jeremy Taylor furthered work in her ongoing study of dreams.

Rosemary Czubaj, MA, LPC, LAC
Rosemary Czubaj ,psychotherapist, is actively engaged in personal and group dream work. She facilitates bi monthly dream workshops at the Caritas Center in Boulder, Colorado. Her association and study with Jeremy Taylor adds depth in helping others in understanding their dreams.

Christopher Macor, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Naropa Institute

His Studies at Naropa included
* Meditation
* Tai Chi
* Songwriting
* Music
* Visual Art
* Dance
* Drama
* Early Childhood Education
Chris is also a Montessori Teacher, credentialed in the pre-primary age range.
He received his training through the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies.

Christopher Macor, meta-physician and multi-media musician, has studied his dreams for 27 years. He has been the member of several dream groups, has attended three Jeremy Taylor talks and is an avid reader of Carl Jung.

Chris has studied Improvisational Theater for four years and was a member of Boulder Playback for two years. He attended a workshop led by Jonathan Fox, founder of Playback Theater, in 2013.

Christopher is the creator of Playing Back Your Dream and currently leads the Boulder group and teaches workshops in this method of Dream Ritual.

Curriculum Vitae

Nancy K. English, Ph.D. APRN CNS CHPN CT


18 years experience as an Advanced Practice Nurse, Palliative Care Clinician, teacher and mentor.

Certification in Hospice Palliative Nursing Care

Certification in Thanatology and Medical Ethics Consultation

Doctoral preparation in Counseling Psychology focusing on Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology; NOTE: participated in Dream Seminars and ongoing bi monthly Dream Groups since 2012.
Licensure Information

Registered Nurse License: Colorado #107819 (9/30/2016)

Advanced Practice Nurse Registry: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Community Mental Health, Colorado Division of Registrations: Issued 01/19/1996 ( 9/30/2016)

Certified Hospice Palliative Nurse (CHPN)
Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses Association > 2018

Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement
Association for Death Education and Counseling,
Certification in Bereavement and Thanatology (CT), thru 2017.
Health Care Ethics
Rush University, College of Health Sciences Chicago
Bio Ethics Consultation Credential, current
Professional Experience

2004-Current: University of Colorado, College of Nursing
Adjunct Professor, Graduate Nursing Education, Palliative Care
Advanced Concepts in Palliative Care 3 credit hybrid graduate course
Complex Symptom Management 3 credit online graduate course

2000-2004: University of Colorado, College of Nursing/School
Co-Investigator, National Institute of Health R-25, Palliative Care beyond Hospice
2005-2011: University of Colorado, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology, Program Coordinator
Fetal Concerns, Perinatal Palliative Care Program
Developed coordinated service for High Risk Pregnancy patients
Provided professional guidance to parents including bereavement counseling
Coordinated Consultations with Pediatric Specialties
Created personalized Birth Plans reflecting parents decisions for their newborn
Coordinated care with Community hospices and bereavement services
Provided professional education on Perinatal Palliative Care

(Complete resume available on request)

Rosemary Czubaj MA. LPC , LAC


Licensed Psychological Counselor whose practice focused on clients with trauma and chemical addiction.

Received a Masters of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University

Facilaties Dream Groups at Caritas Center in Boulder, Colorado 3 years

In-depth study of dreams including seminars with Jeremy Taylor for 10 years

Complete resume available on request;