Playing Back Your Dream is an advanced method of dreamwork known as Dream Ritual.
Dream Ritual encourages us to act on the realization of truth that arises from our dreams.

Playing Back Your Dream combines Playback Theater, a unique form of improvisational theater, and Dream Work as taught by Dr. Jeremy Taylor.

We turn the elements of a dream into characters,
put them on stage to reveal
the meaning of the dream
and the implications in our life.

One of the rewards of improvisational theater is a spontaneous freedom of expression. Coupled with the powerful symbols that arise from the unconscious during dream work, this experience is deeply transformational.


Victor Bregeda

Go that extra step in making use of the messages that spring from your unconscious!

Be part of an innovative method for working with your dreams!

Playing Back Your Dream is a workshop taught in NE Boulder, Co. by Christopher Macor, long time dream worker and Playback Theater practitioner.

This workshop will be taught Saturday, August 25th 12 noon till 5pm.

The charge for the Weekend Workshop is $70 on the day of the event

or $60 if you register below.through Paypal before the workshop

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