25 Dream Elements

25 Elements That Are Always Present in Dreams

(adapted from Dream Work by Jeremy Taylor)

1.       Every dream comes in the service of wholeness and the effort to harmonize interior and exterior life
2.       Element of “libidinous,” sexual desire
3.       Element of unconscious wish fulfillment
4.       Elements of the dreamer’s personality (a la Gestalt Therapy)
5.       Element relating to the physical health of the body
6.       Accompanied by biophysical/biochemical changes, e.g. REM, increased ocular activity, changes in serotonin and noradrenalin
7.       “Day Residue” based on something from the previous day
8.       Information processing, i.e. conversion of short-term memory into long-term memory with symbolic/emotional associations
9.       Element of Power and Dominance (a la Adler)
10.     Elements of childhood and adolescent reminiscence
11.     Element of speculation about the future; What if I did so-and-so?
12.     Metaphorical elements that portray emotions and feelings
13.     Represents the best possible fit to carry the intended multiple meanings
14.     One or more archetypal elements
15.     Element of “anniversary” or “commemoration” of significant waking life and dream events
16.     Element of constructive self-criticism
17.     Element of creative inspiration and problem solving
18.     Element of religious/spiritual concern and intuition about the inevitability of death
19.     A compensatory element that balances or corrects some imbalance in waking attitude or behavior
20.     Pairs of opposites or polarities that hint at an underlying unity
21.     A synchronistic element, e.g. deja vu, telepathy, pre-cognition
22.     Every dream has an element of “return to the womb,” melting and recasting for the next stage of personality development
23.     All the dreams of a given night are thematically related
24.     Every dream reflects a concern for waking life emotional relationships or the lack of them
25.     One or more elements of humor