What is Dream Interpretation(DI)? DI is the intentional requesting, recording and reviewing of dream material.

I believe DI can change the world. Imagine if everyone in the White House wrote down their dreams and shared them every week in a group. Would that change the consciousness of our government?

Of our world? I believe it would.

There are different kinds of Dream Interpretation.


Playing Back Your Dream ( PBYD ) method of DI incorporates an improvisation theater method called Playback Theater and a group dream interpretation method called Projective Dream work.

Playback theater is a social art form developed in the 70s by Jonathan Fox. It came out of Psycho Drama, a therapeutic form of theater. In a Playback performance you will see the players acting out the stories of the audience.

Projective Dream Work was developed by Jeremy Taylor over 50 years ago. It operates under the assumption that if any one has anything to say about anyone else’s dream, it’s going to be a projection. So why not accept this as given and simply frame every interpretation with “ If it were my dream…”. Then we can safely talk about someone else’s dream without assuming any authority over the dreamer’s interpretation.

I believe PBYD is one of the most powerful DIs not only because it concretizes the dream experience but also because it allows a dream to become collaborative through the Projective Dream technique. When people are allow their interpretation of a dream, not only does it enrich the dreamer’s perspective but it expands the dream to include the non-dreamer’s perspective. What happens is a kind of jumping of orbit like what happens with electrons when a molecule is changing state. The dream and the consciousness of the participants jump to a new level.

There are many benefits to PBYD

                    1. INTEGRITY – by becoming familiar with our own unconscious we get to know ourselves and our own shadow.

                    2. EXPRESSION – The opportunity to express ourselves creatively enriches our life and can contribute to our own inner peace.

                    3. FUN – Acting can be a lot of fun.

                    4. COMMUNITY – Sharing and acting out dreams in a group creates a deep bond with all those involved.

                    5. ANSWERS – There are many examples through out history of people receiving, in dreams, answers to important questions. Personally, I often receive instruction from my dreams.

                    6. MASTERY – Acting out scenarios from our dreams can provide practice for the way we conduct ourselves in the world.

                    7. MEANING – One of the chief ways people are able to endure difficult life experiences is when they can give meaning to these challenging events. Dreams help us find meaning in our lives.

                    8. EVOLUTION – Dreams can speak to us from the future and show us abilities we didn’t even think were possible.

It is my dream that 500 people in Boulder, Co. join in the playing back of their dreams. Right now we have 9 members so we have a ways to go. I generally host four workshops a year and each workshop can hold 13 people. That’s 50/year x 10 years = 500. We meet once a month in a group of 13, so each year would add a new independent monthly group meeting, having 10 groups established in the Boulder area within ten years. In addition, I plan to have a yearly conference for these practicing dream actors.

If you believe in this vision, register today for the workshop happening on Nov 11th. The workshop is a prerequisite for participation in the PBYD method of Dream Interpretation.