Is this for you?

Do you work with your dreams but feel there`s another level of interpretation still waiting for you?

How would it be to see your dreams acted out in real life?

Would you like to be part of a skilled group who playback their dreams for each other, reaching new levels of interpretation and integration?

Ok, so you already have a busy schedule and here`s yet another endeavor, another class!

Can you spare a Saturday and a Sunday in exchange for stepping into an accelerated world of personal expression and psychological integration?


Approach the wholeness of your psychological self with a new objectivity and clarity!

Walk into the cave of your deepest fears and greatest hopes with the assurance that skilled comrades are supporting you.

Integrate your most challenging lessons while playing with others in a trusting and sacred improvisational sandbox.


Contribute to a humanity that is aware of it`s shadow.

Go to the next level of dreamwork called Dream Ritual!

Take action on the truth that arises from you dreams.

Digest your shadow material more effectively so you can engage in your life more fully and achieve your goals successfully.


Make your demons your friends, have conversations with them. Recreate your inner reality in a safe environment with trusted and skilled collaborators.

Allow your insights to reach the most remote layers of your being.

Be part of a community that shares in acting on the truth of its deep knowing.

Learn a social art form that is practiced by people all over the world.

Set the stage for a new level of human interaction, one that is spontaneous, deep, insightful and playful.

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