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I’ve found it very challenging to know what to believe and how to approach daily life during this pandemic.What I’ve arrived at is a way for me to manage the uncertainty inside of me and the hope that by managing the uncertainty of my perspective, the uncertainty outside of me will work itself out.

It’s often been said that life is a dream. If this is true then what is occurring at any point in time can be approached as a dream. In the case of the pandemic, I am approaching it as a Collective Dream.

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What are the characteristics of dreams?

One characteristic is dreams have multiple levels of interpretation.

Another is that dreams come in the service of wholeness.

How do theses two principles relate to the pandemic?

Back in March when the democratic presidential race was still going on my wife made an observation. When noticing the huge gaps between the Republicans and Democrats and even between Democrats themselves, it seemed as if a huge ungainly collective baby was trying to be born. This is our wholeness. This is humanity. This is us.

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First Principle:

We’re all interpreting this dream differently. Everybody has their opinion. Right from the start. It started from the bats. It started with the monkeys. It started from the meat markets. It started from the 5G roll outs. It started with scientists engineering it themselves.

Every one has their opinion.

And that is as it should be.

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Second Principle:

The dichotomies and contentions that are going on, the polarization, is actually an opportunity to become whole. Carl Jung coined the term Enantiodromia, the coming together of opposites. It is the human tendency to side with one of the poles in any contention. Instead Jung suggests to embrace the polarity and hold the tension of the opposites. In doing so a new consciousness is born.

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One of the polarities ripping across our collective consciousness is the establishment view vs. the “conspiracy theorists” view. I can feel this tension within my own home.

For me, what it comes down to is that I don’t really know which interpretation is real.

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What I do know is that the establishment side of things has a lot more clout and is actually using its clout to censor the “ conspiracy theorists “. Regardless of what’s true, I don’t want to live in a society where the establishment decides the information to which I’m exposed. So in this current contention I will spend my efforts on making the anti-establishment views heard.

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And, I will hold this polarity and every other polarity that presents itself and trust that holding these opposites will give birth to the humanity that is in desperate need of being born.

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I’ve spoken these views to two people and they become triggered. Why is that? Are people holding on to one of the poles so hard that they can’t allow the other opinions. It seems to me that this is what usually goes and it’s magnified because were in survival mode.

I content that we each perceive the dream differently and each perception is valuable. In fact, it’s essential. God is incomplete without each one of us.

What is your perception of the dream and can you have it while allowing others to have theirs?

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Paul Levy talks about the Collective Dream and Quantum Reality

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  1. Patti Gassaway

    Thank you for all these thoughts and the perspective that we’re living a collective dream, Christopher. My household is also divided. I’ve had to ask my partner to stop talking about politics with me because there’s so much underlying stress due to uncertainty that I become more fearful to add on top of that a strong conspiracy theory. Especially the ones that the pit of my stomach tells me make sense. I get angry. I want to be loving, not angry at my partner, so we can’t talk about the origins of this coronavirus that targets, specifically, the most vulnerable among our population. Of course, a disease does that anyway, but it seems to be making the rich richer and the poor dead, which is something people in power like so it’s hard to not buy in to a “they did it on purpose” mentality. Then I’m thinking “them” and “us,” which is never good. I’m very concerned that the Establishment, the status quo when everything is up for grabs, is censoring different perspectives. We have freedom of speech for a reason. I’m also putting all my intention into a life that is better when we come out of this, with the clear skies we are experiencing now a more permanent reality. Consumerism is on the decline; let’s keep it so. Oil is no longer king; let’s make it so. Leaders are emerging who are worth following. Let’s keep an eye on them.
    Thanks again, Christopher.

  2. PHil

    i think the collective dream is we can treat the earth, animals and ourselves any way we want and life will go on. we are waking up to most of the people dying have many health issues and are polluted. we have to clean up the pollution in ourselves on all levels. Purify ourselves with good food, sacred attitude for all life on this planet, laughter, singing and dancing. We are cleaning up the air and waters by doing less. we need to treat animals better, no wet markets and move from factory farms to something more humane and sustainable.

  3. Chris

    Thanks for your comments Patti and Phil!

  4. Valerie Stuart

    Loved your post Christopher and learning the concept Enantiodromia. I feel it is good to hold it all and that is my usual position. But, listening to censored experts and doctors, I feel it’s either gross incompetence (don’t wear a mask, now you should wear a mask. Then it’s 2.2 milion American will die, revised down to 70k. Locking down just to flatten curve, but we are still in some phase of unopened even though most hospitals have laid off staff, so why isn’t the country open?

    And your biggest point, why is info from epidemiologists, Nobel Laurates and MDs educating people how mainstream info is wrong being removed from FB and Youtube? This alone should alarm us. We can’t know if we are being herded into the same status as China in that our government dictates the fiction it wants us to hear and deprives us of hearing the truth.

    I’ve done hundreds of hours of research. Belgium with population of 11 million locked down and has 9,312 fatalities and Sweden pop of 10 million which didn’t lock down has only 4,029 fatalities. Taiwan DIDN’T lock down and only has 7 deaths. There’s only been 1,333 deaths in CO a state of almost 6 million.

    Many experts say fatality rate is higher in more polluted countries and lower where people get lots of sunshine and many epidemiologists are saying the fatality rate is closer to the flu since 35%-50% have no symptoms and 99% recover with mild to moderate symptoms. Stanford and USC recently stated the fatality rate is .001 to .002. If you took NY out of the equation, the rest of the country’s fatalities would equal rates of a bad flu.

    Govenor Cuomo of NY said on May 6th, 66% of people entering hospitals had been in lock down; he couldn’t understand how they got the virus. World reknown epidemiologists state there is no way to stop the virus and most of us have been exposed. Maybe we did all this harm to our economy and people’s lives that wasn’t neccessary? Many experts say most of us have been in contact with the virus that was here in the states in December.

    In video below, Nobel Prize Laurate states that the WHO has a record of exaggerating numbers. Professor of Epidemiology states rookie mistakes were made in calculating fatalities and done in a very unscientific way and fatality rates are “absolutely and completely overstated.”

    In particular deaths shot up 3.700 in NY in one day because they started including fatalities that hadn’t received a Covid-19 test and MDs are reporting people dying of auto accidents are being counted as a Covid death.

    Senator and Dr. Jensen states “I was coached and advised to utilize Covid-19 as a factor even without a test. Dr. Birks stated, no one will die WITH Covid but only FROM Covid,” which he says goes against all medical practice of medicine. He states 40-50% won’t know they had it, another 40-50% will skate through it.

    Other experts state, 60 year olds and below have .002 fatality rate (flu is .001-.0015). We should protect high-risk groups and let the young and healthy keep the economy going. One expert states we could open the economy without much increase in risk, but now we’re having deaths of despair that are higher than death from Covid! The collateral damage to the economy and the deaths caused from it are far worse than from the virus. Calls to suicide hotlines are up 800%. Sherrifs are reporting large spikes in domestic, child, animal abuse. Doctors are reporting high rates of alcoholism and drug addiction spikes and thousands are dying from not getting checkups in hospitals. Statistics show that 30,000 to 50,000 people die per 1% point increase in unemployment. 150,000 people die every day in the world and 8,000 die every day in the US under normal circumstances. We are being scared with large numbers. 650,000 people die in the US from heart disease every year, 600k from cancer.

    Now, its being reported that there is large increases in infections. But, what is important is the FATALITY rate. While Brazil has a lot of cases, its fatality rate is very low. Of course cases are going up in the world, testing has been implemented.
    99% of people will not die or sustain any permanent repercusions from the virus any more than they do from the flu. It’s now common knowledge it was putting people on ventillators that killed 9 out of 10 patients. It was the wrong thing to do.

    If you look at the 1950s, we had the Asian flu. In the 1960s, there was the Hong Kong flu. These were worse than this pandemic. Also, look at the story of swine flu in 2009, which began exactly the same as coronavirus. A new virus originated in Mexico. There was no vaccine so it was very frightening. It spread all over the world. It INFECTED ONE BILLION people. A QUARTER OF A MILLION DIED. But there was NO LOCKDOWN. One might ask themselves, why a lockdown now?

    I’m concerned for children if things don’t return to normal. Right now the plan is kids won’t be able to touch each other, their teachers or share toys, pencils or I-pads. They could be traumatized for life and hardwired subsconsciously to be afraid that closeness with others equates death. I agree with Patti G, that we must listen to our guts because it’s hard to know what is true. Tony Robbins has been putting out videos and interviewed several experts in the video below.

    Epidemiologist Professor states the fatallity rate is similar to the flu. People die of the flu, but we don’t shut down the country.

    Here’s another powerful video on the topic with many experts.

  5. Chris

    Thanks Valerie! I posted Tony’s video on Facebook. It’s the most well rounded in my opinion. I hope we can wake up from the phobia soon!


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